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A few words from satisfied customers

  • ETSY J T  on 12 Jan, 2018 A very insightful reading with plenty of food for thought - thank you!
    J T on Etsy 12/1/2018
  • Review for Elaine Jayes‘ Oracle Card Reading by Tirza Schaefer I received a 3-card reading from Elaine Jayes and it completely surpassed all my expectations in terms of accuracy and that the theme of it running through was so timely, as this had just come up the week leading up to it as a main theme. The details were so on-point and advice given so empowering. I really loved reading the way Elaine addressed my fears and challenges at the moment and offered constructive advice on overcoming them and creating an easier flow. I have really taken it to heart, implemented it and guess what? I’m soaring! To anyone reading this, I recommend you trust Elaine with doing a personal reading for you. It is of such great value! Tirza Schaefer, Divine Writings, 27/11/2017
    Tirza Schaefer ~ 27/11/2017
  • SJ on 09 Jul, 2017 Fantastic course Almost done. (Rainbow Thread Healing)
    Student 9/7/2017
  • CT on 14 Apr, 2017 ~ Etsy Lovely lady who uses her gift with warmth and compassion Excellent
    CT ~ 14/4/2017
  • SJ on 14 Apr, 2017 Can't say enough Well build up course
    Student ~ 14/4/2017

Meet your therapist, Elaine Jeyes

I'm Elaine, owner and practitioner here at Marguerite's Healing Room where I specialise in alternative healing therapies including aromatherapy, colour therapy, crystal therapy and angelic reiki and card reading.

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